With decades of combined experience, project delivery and management capability, Prime is an established blue chip firm that combines knowledge and operational expertise with a track record second to none.

The leadership team prides itself on tailoring services to suit the needs of their clients. Highly accu rate timeline programming and costings, detailed feasibility studies and exceptional relations with government, are the hallmark of every project Prime has managed and delivered. Prime has delivered a range of hotel, hospitality, retail, industrial, commercial, medical and
residential developments.

The team is highly accustomed to working with multiple stakeholders. They can manage every stage of a project from site identification and acquisition, design and planning, through to sub-contractors, consultants, government relations and construction. With a head office in Cairns, North Queensland, Prime has delivered projects for local, national and international clients ranging from $25,000 – $160 million.

They are a proven, long-standing company with the highest of reputations and standards on a diverse range of projects.

OUR values

We always deliver on our promises

We strive to achieve first class financial
and business management practices

We are open and transparent in our communications with our stakeholders

We pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty in business

We aim to be collaborative in all of our dealings


Prime are proud employers who strive to grow the skill sets of our people and invest in their future. We are intimately aware of the impact large-scale developments can have and for this reason we have implemented a strong training and retention strategy to draw people into the workforce, developing with this in-house skills and upskilling requirements needed to undertake projects to give maximum output for communities.

Prime has its own in-house employment and training coordinator that works with community training organisations and associations to identify skills gaps within organisations and provide pathways to encourage upskilling for local people through their existing employers. This strategy is aimed at building the business communities’ capacity and the skills of the workforce as a whole, to allow them to expand and take part in large-scale projects while also upskilling their people for the longer term.

Our training and upskilling retention model is aimed at ensuring the majority of monies spent on large-scale projects remains in the communities and benefits residents well into the future. Labour force upskilling is something we are very passionate about and we hope that by leading the way, other companies will follow our lead and assist our industry in avoiding the skill shortages we traditionally experience throughout the boom and bust cycles of the construction industry.

Prime has a commitment to strengthening the community and we are dedicated to community and social initiatives. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we operate. We are proud sponsors and corporate donors for a variety of charities and worthy causes including The Salvation Army, Mission Australia, sporting groups and government initiatives.

We define corporate responsibility as the business strategy that shapes the values underpinning a company’s mission and the choices made each day by its executives, managers and employees as they engage with the community they live and work in. We believe that four core principles define the essence of corporate responsibility: minimising harm, maximising benefit, being accountable and responsive to stakeholders, and supporting strong financial results.


True sustainability we believe is about creating unique environments for people to live, work and play in, that not only meet the community needs of today, but society and the environments of tomorrow. Providing equal emphasis to environmental, social and economic outcomes when delivering our developments is top of mind as we enter a period of rapid urbanisation and global environmental change.

We acknowledge that as a development company it is our responsibility to be part of the solution to environmental sustainability. With this in mind we are proud partners of the federally funded Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership where we sit on a panel of numerous industry and government representatives to help shape a positive future for our environment collaboratively.

The Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership is a collective of community groups, farmers and fishers, Traditional Owners, industry, science, tourism, and local, state and federal governments. Its purpose is to unite key community organisations, businesses and agencies to drive coordinated actions to enhance the future health of the Great Barrier Reef.

The first Partnership’s Wet Tropics Pilot Report Card was released in December 2016 to provide a baseline to track future changes in waterway health. It has enabled the group to determine where there are gaps in scientific data, which the Partnership is now addressing to provide a more comprehensive picture of waterway health in the Wet Tropics. There are now 26 organisations including Prime contributing financially to this important initiative.